Say Affirmations to Foster Self-acceptance

Power of Affirmations

“There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.” ~Anthony de Mello

What disempowering beliefs do you carry with you? Think about a negative belief you created out of an unpleasant experience you had. This negative belief, although false, has become truth for you and most likely, is limiting your potential. By saying affirmations, we have the power to dismantle these negative beliefs, reprogram our minds and manifest the change we desire. With every positive affirmation we say, we are “affirming” a new concept (or truth) about ourselves. We are also sending positive vibrations into the universe, which responds in kind. Affirmations help us to make positive change by affirming the very best in us, leading to greater self-acceptance.

Take the challenge

Here is a practice to help reverse negative beliefs and foster self-acceptance:

Make two columns on a sheet of paper. Title the first column, “My Negative Beliefs” and then title the second column, “Positive Affirmations”. Now think of five to ten negative thoughts or beliefs that you have about yourself. For example, one may be, “I’m not good enough”. You can counteract that belief with a positive affirmation like, “I accept and love myself for who I am.” Keep this sheet handy, saying the positive affirmations daily and even writing them down repeatedly. You can also create post-it notes of the affirmations to place in areas that are frequently visible to you like on your computer, a mirror or refrigerator. Eventually this affirmation will seep into your subconscious, creating new empowering thought patterns.

Benefits of Practicing Self-acceptance

• Reduce anxiety and worry because you love and accept yourself more
• You feel a greater sense of freedom in your life
• New possibilities open up because you are limiting yourself less