Do What Scares You

Do What Scares You

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Doing what we fear can be scary. But any time we step out of our comfort zone, the place where we feel most at home, we grow. Sometimes we grow exponentially to the point where we may not even recognize ourselves. But why do we want to make ourselves more stressed out and anxious by doing something we fear? Well, anxiety and fear are not so bad and part of being human, necessary for us to reach our potential.

Pushing through our fears helps us to live with less regret and builds confidence, making us feel better about ourselves.

Take the challenge

Make a list of a few things that scare you. They can be both large and small but really think about how you can come out of your comfort zone. For example, for some it’s public speaking so that person might consider taking a Toastmasters class. For others, it could be to run a marathon or perhaps talk to someone new. Once you have the list created, then choose a week that you can start to do these things on your list. You can choose to do one every day or one a month—whatever you wish. What’s important is that you are setting an intention to achieve what you fear and following through.

Benefits of Practicing Courage

  • You feel empowered and more confident
  • You increase your capacity to face your fears and take risks
  • You open the door to new experiences and opportunities

What happened when you practiced the virtue of courage? Let us know by commenting below or share your story!