Compassion Games Create “Climate Change” of Peace

When the “Compassion Games” were introduced in a high-security, all-female prison, 4,600 acts of compassion occurred over 11 days. The games helped to radically change the violent culture of the prison to a more peaceful one. These games are also occurring in high schools. Each September 21, we observe and celebrate International Day of Peace […]

Video: 365 Grateful

In 2008, Hailey Bartholomew was struggling with life, even though she felt she had all that was needed in life. She still felt unhappy. Until she saw a nun who said to her that the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude. The nun recommended that each night Hailey write down something that she was grateful […]

No Limbs Needed for Mountaineer Kyle Maynard

“Every person on the planet has a disability – not just those we can see.  And we all choose whether we allow our lives to be defined by them or not.” ~Kyle Maynard “I don’t know,” said Kyle Maynard, quadruple amputee, to the question of how he would climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in […]

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

If ever the virtue of unity can be witnessed, it’s through this dramatic video, a beautiful creation of how, through our connection with others, we can achieve something extraordinary that couldn’t be done alone. Eric Whitacre, an American composer and conductor, set-out to create a virtual choir by offering a free download of his music, […]

The “Chicken Lady”

Amy Murphy saw a newspaper photo of some men warming their hands in a homeless tent camp, looking very cold. She was motivated to do an act of kindness for them. So she asked the owner of a local fried chicken restaurant if she could have the leftover chicken that was typically thrown away. The owner was […]

The Present: A Touching Short Film

In this animated short film created and directed by German animator Jacob Frey, alongside with Markus Kranzle, a young boy receives an unexpected gift from his mother. The boy resists the present. Soon he realizes, as taught by the present he receives, that happiness or contentment is not dependent on our circumstances but rather on […]