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What is a “Virtues Story”?

We, at Virtues for Life, honor your commitment to putting the practice of virtues into daily life. Because of this commitment, we have created a forum where you can share your story of how you created a better life for yourself and possibly others when you practiced a virtue.

Your life experience can be a source of great inspiration! With this understanding, our intent is to celebrate how you’ve experienced the difference that the practice of virtues can make in everyday life.

How do I Submit my “Virtues Story”?

If you would like to share your story about what resulted when you practiced a virtue, please complete the form below.  You can simply answer this question:  What virtue have I practiced that led to success in my life or made a difference for someone else?

Your story could be published on the website and/or in printed materials, but not without us contacting you for your permission. You can also simply check the box below to give us your approval ahead of time.

Whether your story is published or not, please know that we love reading them! All stories will be acknowledged via e-mail. Please include a short biography on yourself with your story. Also, if you would like to include a photo of yourself, please upload your image file below. (.jpg, .jpeg or .gif only)

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