One Man’s Commitment to a Healthier World

On the virtue of commitment: A simple commitment that Noah Lam made to himself has now become a commitment to the world, a healthier world where parents live longer for their children. Noah has inspired many. One step at a time! by Noah Lam  I never ran more than a mile in my entire life, […]

Swimming Buddy Helps Save Lives

A father and two boys, ages 16 and 7, were out enjoying a day of jet skiing one July 4th weekend. The older boy, a family friend, was driving his own jet ski and the younger boy was riding with his father. While jumping a wake from Armando Rositas’s boat, the two jet skis collided. The father accidently struck […]

Forgiving My Father

by Cindy Holbrook I grew up with a verbally and physically abusive father. He was like two different people. He was the strong loving protector, but he also had a dark evil side.My family was pretty happy while dad was at work. My four siblings and I held our breath when he came home. Our […]

A Father and Daughter’s Journey

by Joy Sherman My dad was a frequent visitor to 9 west, the Oncology floor at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. We would often walk the halls when he had the energy, or I would wheel him around just to give him a different perspective than the four walls of his room. This world […]