My Career Mistake Led to a Better Life

I have always learned from my mistakes. Right from childhood every mistake I made would either result in some sort of punishment, or people would make fun of me. It would embarrass me to the extent that I would never repeat it again. At the same time, I would find a way to correct myself. […]

Never Let Your Pain Be In Vain

I had never really understood the meaning behind recurring problems and pain in my life over the past five years. There were times when everything felt so easy, almost stress-free. Then, out-of-the-blue came unpleasant situations that would punch me in the face. I started thinking that I was being punished: Work deals failed. My relationship […]

How Self-Compassion Helped Heal My Life

By Trevor McDonald I struggled all my life with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which made me feel inadequate compared to everyone else. My mind only consisted of negative self-talk, where I convinced myself I was not “normal” or “good enough”. After so many years of continuous self-hatred and suffering episodes of hopelessness over something […]

How Love Changed My Life

By Samantha White Have you ever been in love? The feeling when you have butterflies in your tummy just thinking about this person. Have you ever felt it? Do you believe in ‘till death do us part’ and fairy-tale endings? I never did. But I had to change my mind for good in order to […]

How Forgiveness and Grace Led to My Recovery

“Forgiveness is an act of self-love” ~Don Miguel Ruiz By Mel Davis My name is Melissa and I am a recovering alcoholic. I am now 32 and mother of two boys, Charlie and Harry, aged four and two. I am happy to say that I began my road to recovery 14 years ago. I guess […]

Accepting a New Life

 “Nothing brings down walls as surely as acceptance.” ~Deepak Chopra By Alexander Gunn  I stood at the Eva Air Bangkok check in desk at Heathrow airport thinking, “what have I done.” My two young children were fighting around my legs while my wife argued with the check in woman about the vegetarian meals.  The day […]