Forgive for a Better Life

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” ~Mark Twain Forgiving can be hard. Our trust may have been broken, hearts crushed, feelings hurt, ruined opportunities, and more. But if we don’t forgive a partner, friend, family member, colleague or whoever has wronged us, we may be living […]

Father Forgives Son’s Killer

On January 21, 1995, Tariq Khamisa, age 20, while delivering pizza in San Diego, CA, was shot and killed by a 14-year-old gang member, Tony Hicks. Tony had taken this order to shoot Tariq from an 18-year-old gang member.Tariq was a great soul, wise, charismatic, good-looking, a college student with a beautiful girlfriend who he […]

Forgiving My Father

by Cindy Holbrook I grew up with a verbally and physically abusive father. He was like two different people. He was the strong loving protector, but he also had a dark evil side.My family was pretty happy while dad was at work. My four siblings and I held our breath when he came home. Our […]

Q&A on Forgiveness with Dr. Fred Luskin

Dr. Frederic Luskin is director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project of Palo Alto, California, the largest interpersonal forgiveness training research project ever conducted. The Project has successfully explored forgiveness therapy with people who suffered from the violence in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone as well as the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Dr. […]